NTU Merit Calculator

Are you aspiring to study at the National Textile University (NTU) in Pakistan?

NTU is not just a university but a place for people who want to shape the future of fashion and textiles.

Knowing your aggregate score is essential because it determines your eligibility for admission into NTU’s programs. 

For this purpose, the NTU aggregate calculator can help you figure out your merit.

So, don’t wait to start your educational journey at one of Pakistan’s top textile universities. 

Come, let me guide you about the NTU aggregate calculator!

What is the Importance of NTU Aggregate Calculator?

The importance of this calculator lies in its ability to provide clarity and transparency in the merit calculation process.

It allows students to input their grades and marks in different subjects to calculate their overall scores. This helps them see if they have a good chance of getting into NTU. 

Hence, the NTU aggregate calculator saves valuable time and effort for students by eliminating the need to calculate their scores manually.

NTU Merit Calculator

Aggregate Criteria of NTU

National Textile University (NTU) is famous for its various programs in textiles and fashion. They have options for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. What makes NTU different from other universities is its particular merit criteria for each program.

NTU does not have a one-size-fits-all admission process like other universities. They understand that different programs need different skills and knowledge. So, they have customized their criteria for selecting students based on merit. 

This way, NTU can choose candidates with the specific qualities needed for each program.

Let me guide you with the aggregate criteria of NTU!

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BS Textile/Polymer Engineering

Entry test35%

BS Textile/Garment/Material Engineering Technology

Entry test30%

BS Computer Science/Software Engineering/Artificial Intelligence/Fashion Design and Technology/Textile Design/Visual Arts/Animation and Multimedia Design/Interior Design


BBA/BS Textile Management and Marketing/Textile and Apparel Merchandising/Quality and Supply Chain Management/Accounting and Finance

FSc – part 1100%

Eligibility Criteria of NTU

National Textile University (NTU) is a leading institution in textile education, producing skilled professionals who shape the industry’s future. 

However, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria based on your 1st and 2nd year result. These criteria help select individuals with the right skills and passion for textile careers.

Don’t worry; I will guide you through the criteria!

  1. BS Textile/Polymer Engineering

To get admission to these programs, you must finish an F.Sc (pre-engineering) or an equivalent program with at least 60% marks. Also, passing the entry test with the required marks is compulsory for admission.

  1. BS Computer Science/Software Engineering/Artificial Intelligence

Candidates must have passed  F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering), ICS, A-Level (with Math), or an equivalent qualification with Math as a required subject with at least 50% marks.

Pre-medical students must pass Mathematics deficiency courses totaling six credit hours within one year of their regular studies.

There is no entry test for students taking admission to this program. 

  1. BBA/ BS Textile Management and Marketing/Accounting and Finance

Candidates must have completed their Intermediate or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks to apply. 

There is no entry test for students taking admission to this program. 

Entry Test Pattern of NTU

Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)33.4%

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the National Textile University (NTU) aggregate calculator is helpful for students applying to this university.

It calculates their aggregate score based on their grades in different subjects. This calculator saves time and reduces errors, giving accurate results. 

Students can use it to determine eligibility and make informed decisions about their academic future.

If you believe you possess exceptional qualities and are passionate about textiles, don’t hesitate to apply to NTU. 

Start your journey to a successful career in the textile industry now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an age limit to apply for courses at NTU?

A: No, the eligibility criteria for courses at NTU do not mention a specific age limit. As long as applicants meet the academic requirements, they can apply regardless of their age.

Q: Does NTU have any industry partnerships or collaborations?

A: Yes, NTU collaborates with textile industries locally and globally, offering internships and job placements for our graduates.

Q: What research opportunities are available for students at NTU?

A: NTU promotes research and innovation among students. You can explore advanced research projects in fields like textile engineering and sustainable fashion, which will inspire your curiosity and passion.

Q: What is the minimum percentage required for NTU?

A: If you’re going to undergrade programs in NTU then you must have a minimum of 90% aggregate as its highly competitive and their acceptance rate is only 36% so candidates should work hard to compete.

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