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Students wanting to pursue the medical or dental profession have to pass the Medical and Dental College Admission Test commonly known as MDCAT. Merit list is not solely based on MDCAT score it includes other factors such as Intermediate/FSc marks and matriculation marks. To ensure admission to a government medical and dental college a student should score well as it is the most competitive examination in Pakistan that determines admission to medical and dental colleges. The competition is fierce, and students need to prepare rigorously to perform well.

How Do I Calculate Aggregate?

 To calculate the aggregate required to get into government colleges, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission – PMDC has devised a merit formula that seems to vary every year but for 2023 the expected aggregate calculation method is as follows:

MCAT Merit Calculator

Merit Formula:

Matric 10%
Fsc 40%
Entry test 50%

Merit List:

Each medical and dental college in Pakistan may have its own merit list based on the aggregate scores of candidates who have applied to that specific institution. Once the aggregate scores are calculated, a merit list is prepared. This list ranks candidates from ascending to descending order. In cases where the number of available seats is limited, waiting lists are often created. If candidates decline their offers of admission, individuals on the waiting list may be offered seats in subsequent rounds. The candidates with the highest aggregate scores are placed at the top of the merit list.UHS usually prepares up to 3 merit lists.

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Admission Process;

Candidates are admitted to medical and dental colleges according to their ranking on the merit list. Merit can be low or high which completely depends upon the difficulty level of the entrance test which is always unpredictable. Those with the highest aggregate scores typically have the best chances of securing admission to their preferred colleges. Hence, it is very important to make your preference list wisely as it determines the college you’re being admitted to.

Closing Merit for MBBS in Previous Years:

 The closing merit for MBBS last year 2022 was 90.4909 which was higher than that of merit of 2021 which was 89.9294 so you can see it varies from year to year. If you manage to score around 90% or above this year then your chances for admission are very high so keep praying till the very last merit list.

Special Quotas/ Overseas students:

Moreover, some institutions might have additional criteria, such as regional quotas or reserved seats for specific categories, which can influence the calculation of the aggregate score. Overseas students are required to consult the regulatory authorities in Pakistan for the most current information regarding MDCAT seats for overseas students because policies may change over time Therefore, it’s essential to refer to the specific admission guidelines and policies of the institution you are interested in for the most accurate merit calculation.

Hence, merit calculation is very important for students who are looking forward to getting admission to government medical and dental colleges in Pakistan. It’s worth noting that the format and regulations of the MDCAT exam may change from year to year, so it’s important for students to stay updated with us to keep in touch with the latest information. We wish all the MDCAT aspirants a bright and better future!

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Wrap Up

So, there you have the MCAT Merit Calculator. Check your 1st/2nd year result carefully and then input the marks into the merit calculator carefully.

If there seems to be any error with the calculator, try refreshing the page. Even if that doesn’t solve the problem, you should try clearing cache of your browser and check again!

Best of luck with your future!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of special exams 2023?

If you are planning to improve in some of your subjects, then it is recommended to opt for special exams. Checkout the details at Special Exam Result 2023.

What are some great colleges in Lahore?

There are many colleges in Lahore. However, some great names in include GCU and PGC. To know more about these colleges, check Top 10 Best Colleges In Lahore.

Q: How many marks required in Fsc for MBBS?

A: Minimum 70% marks in intermediate and around 60% marks in MDCAT are enough to secure admission in MBBS in 2023.

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