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To ensure admission to the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore a student has to ace the entrance exam known as ECAT.

ECAT is an entrance test conducted in some countries, such as Pakistan, for admission to engineering programs in various universities and colleges. Competitive exams offer seats based on merit. Hence one has to have a good aggregate to secure access in UET.  During covid significant changes were made by UET in formulating the aggregate calculator. 

How do you calculate merit?

The student is required to calculate his/her merit by applying a merit formula. The merit formula requires marks of SSC, HSSC (part 1 only), and ECAT marks in the following proportion:

  • 45% Intermediate Part-I marks
  • 25% Matric marks
  • 30% ECAT marks

UET Merit Calculator

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Sum up all the weighted scores to get the total merit score for each applicant. The applicant should have 60% marks in FSC/ICS/ICOM/EQUIVALENT for admission eligibility. Students need to obtain a minimum of 33% marks to declare a pass on the ECAT. 


As we know, ECAT also has a negative marking system, making it very competitive for students to pass. Out of 400 marks if one question is wrong then 1/4th mark will be neglected out of your total marks and if one question is right then 4 marks will be given to the candidate. The total number of questions asked in ECAT is only 100. The paper-based test generally covers subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. These subjects are crucial for engineering and technology programs.


Since COVID-19, a lot of policies have been changed hence UET also changed the aggregate calculation formula according to the present circumstances. But there are very high chances that their old formula may get implemented when conditions go back to how they were before. The old formula is given below:

  • 70% Intermediate  marks
  • 30% ECAT marks


The university will set a cutoff merit score, depending on the number of available seats and the competitiveness of the program. The easier the entrance exam, the higher the merit, and vice versa. Applicants with total merit scores above the cutoff will be eligible for admission. The university will publish a merit list, indicating the names and ranks of the selected candidates. You can look up the previous merit lists to estimate where your position lies or you can secure a seat or not. The university will publish a merit list, indicating the names and ranks of the selected candidates.


Merit calculators promote the idea that admission to universities should be based on academic merit rather than other factors, ensuring equal opportunity for all qualified applicants. A transparent and fair admission process, facilitated by merit calculators. A merit calculator uses a standardized formula to calculate the merit score of each applicant based on their academic qualifications, such as grades in pre-requisite subjects and entry test scores. This ensures that admissions are fair and transparent, as all applicants are evaluated using the same criteria.

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Remember that this is a simplified explanation, and the actual merit calculation process at UET may be more complex and involve additional factors as its one of the best CS Universities in Pakistan. It’s essential to check the official website of UET or contact the university’s admissions office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their merit calculation process and admission criteria. Of course! Wishing you the best of luck after your ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test) or any other important exam. Whatever the outcome, remember that it’s just one step on your educational journey, and there are many paths to success. 

Q: How many marks are required in ECAT for UET?

A: Out of 400 only 132 marks are required to pass ECAT which is about 33%. As the criteria may vary but these are the minimum marks according to Pakistan Engineering Council 2023.

Q: Is calculator allowed in ECAT?

A: No. ECAT is a paper-based exam and students are not allowed to use calculator they solely have to practice to solve the questions without any kind of help.

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