COMSATS Merit Calculator

Hello, future COMSATS students! 

Do you want to know how your grades right after the 2nd Year Result 2023 will be calculated to determine your aggregate score?

Look no more; there is a perfect tool for calculating your aggregate in seconds – the COMSATS aggregate calculator. This calculator helps you determine if you are eligible for admission.

You don’t have to calculate your total score manually anymore. The calculator is easy to use and gives accurate results.

So, get ready!

Let’s explore how to calculate your aggregate easily.

How To Use The COMSATS University Aggregate Calculator?

Using the calculator is very easy. Just enter your marks in the following categories:

  1. Enter your SSC marks out of 1100.
  2. Enter your FSC marks.
  3. Enter your obtained marks in the COMSATS entry test/ NTS.

After entering the information above, click Calculate to instantly get an accurate estimate of your total aggregate.

COMSATS Merit Calculator

What Is The Importance Of COMSATS Aggregate Calculator?

The calculator makes the admission process more transparent. Candidates can use it to see if they have a good chance of getting in.

You can use your aggregate score to make smart choices about your program options.

Calculating the aggregate manually takes a lot of time and can lead to mistakes often. Using this aggregate calculator makes the process faster and ensures accuracy.

COMSATS University Aggregate Criteria


Eligibility Criteria For COMSATS University

COMSATS University is well-known for its excellent education and research. 

It is a popular choice for ambitious students in Pakistan who want to pursue higher education. The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields. 

But, before starting your academic journey at COMSATS University, it is essential to understand the eligibility requirements.

  1. For BS Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil)

To apply, you need at least 60% marks in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry at the intermediate level or equivalent. Additionally, you can have a DAE in the relevant engineering discipline specified by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  1. For BS Computer Engineering

To apply, you need at least 60% marks in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry/Computer science at the intermediate level or equivalent. Additionally, you can have a DAE in the relevant engineering discipline specified by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

  1. For BS Computing programs (computer science and software engineering)

You need at least 50% marks in Intermediate or equivalent (Mathematics) from an HEC recognized institution. If you have passed Intermediate with Pre-Med subjects, you can still be eligible as long as you complete the specified Mathematics courses within the first two semesters.

  1. For BBA/BS (Accounting and Finance/ Business Analytics/ FinTech)

You must have completed  your intermediate or equivalent qualification with a minimum score of 50%.

  1. For BS (Psychology, Media and Communication, English)

You must have at least 50% marks in your intermediate or equivalent qualification.

  1. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

You must have at least 60% marks in your intermediate or equivalent qualification.

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Entry Test Pattern For COMSATS University


NTS is held regularly, every two to three months. To improve your scores, it is recommended to participate in NTS at least three times. Students with a 90% or higher score should take the NTS examination at least twice to get the best score.

So, attempt the NTS exam in December or January while in FSc Part II. This gives you enough time to study again if you still need to get the desired marks!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the COMSATS aggregate calculator helps students estimate their chances of getting into their desired programs.

COMSATS University believes in inclusivity, enabling students from various backgrounds to shape their futures.

Getting admission to this university is a challenging but rewarding opportunity.

So, if you are ready for intellectual growth and academic excellence, take the chance to be part of COMSATS.

Prepare well, believe in yourself, and let your dreams soar high!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can international students apply to study at COMSATS University?

A: Yes, international students can apply for admission at COMSATS University. The university has specific guidelines and requirements for international applicants.

Q: Can I enter my predicted FSc grades into the calculator before I get my FSc results?

A: You can use your expected grades, but your final score will depend on your actual results.

Q: Is there a career counseling center at COMSATS University?

A: Yes, each campus of COMSATS University has dedicated career counseling centers that provide guidance on career choices, internships, job placements, and professional development resources.

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