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AIOU Assignment Marks 2024 Result Check Autumn/Spring

When you submit your assignment to your tutor, the next thing you are waiting for is its result, right? But now AIOU Assignment Marks online result portal is developed which you can use to check the obtain assignment marks easily.

You may wonder how to access or use the web portal to know your recently submitted assignment status.

The simple and easiest way to check Assignment Marks is by using the AIOU result portal. The system helps you to find the marks on each subject.

There is another method called the LMS portal but it requires registration. Don’t worry, We will explain both methods in detail in this article so keep reading.

AIOU Assignment Marks 2024 Result Check

AIOU Assignment Marks

Allama Iqbal Open University takes excellent initiative for students. They provide an online portal through which you can check your autumn or spring assignment marks of all levels without cost. How to get into this portal? Well, stay tuned with us; we will take you step by step toward your assignment marks journey without any doubts. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

Here we go!

How to Check Assignment Marks

  • After clicking the above link, an official website will show on the screen; in the middle of that website, you can see the two options.
  • Assignment marks
  • Workshop marks
  • Click on the first option (Assignment marks), and you get to the new page.
  • On this page, you can see the select option in the box with the down arrow. Click on the down arrow, and the list of the programs will pop up in front of you. Choose your program and click on the submit button.
  • After clicking the submit button, a new page will open in front of you.
  • Now enter your roll no in the empty box. And click on the submit button. After clicking on the submit button a new page will show on the screen. Will discuss this in the next point.
  • Assignment Marks: Congratulations! You get your Assignment Marks Details on this page. Mission Completed.

How to Check AIOU Assignment Result Through LMS Portal?

Through the following steps, you can easily get your assignment result with the help of your LMS portal. How so? Let’s discuss:

  1. First, open your LSM account by entering your user ID and Password.
  2. On the home page of your LMS account, you can find the profile option at the top of the right corner.
  3. Click on that profile, and a pop-up will show on your screen with various options.
  4. Click on the fourth option, i.e., Grades.
  5. After that click, and the result of your assignment will show in front of you. If you get the bar in front of any subject, it means this particular assignment is unchecked. These assignment numbers are included in your final result, so make sure to take a screenshot of that particular page for proof purposes. Now you are good to go.

AIOU Assignment Marks Spring 2024

The students who are in Matric, FSC, I.Com, BA, and B.Com can check their spring 2024 assignment marks of AIOU by messaging or calling to their teachers. OR they may wait until the final result publishes on the official website of the AIOU.

The other group of students who are in BS, B.ED, Master, BBA, or in associate degree programs can check their spring 2024 assignment marks through the LMS portal. Because they submit their assignments through the LMS portal, that is why they receive their marks from there too.

AIOU Assignment Passing Marks

In AIOU, the passing assignment marks are 50%; let’s discuss it in more depth. There are two types of assignments:

  • 3 Credit Assignments
  • 6 Credit assignments

3 Credit Assignments:

In 3 credit course, you are assigned 2 assignments. If you get overall 50% marks in both assignments, you will consider passing. How so? Let’s understand this with an example:

For Example:

In the first assignment, you got 20 marks out of 50. And in the second assignment, you score 30 marks out of 50; overall results will be 50%. That’s how you are considered to pass. It doesn’t matter that you are failing in one subject assignment; what actually matters is your score, that will must be overall 50% or more.

6 Credit Assignments:

In 6 credit course, you are assigned 4 assignments. Its passing procedure is the same like 3 credit course. If you score overall 50% marks, you will consider a pass.

Be Alert:

If you overall fail in any 3 credit or 6 credit assignment and you score is 100% in exams, then you should be considered fail. So be conscious about your assignments.

AIOU Assignment Marks FA 2024

The assignments marks of FA spring 2024 of AIOU will be an issue with your final result. And your final result will be announced at the end week of November. If you want to receive your assignment marks before November, you may approach your subject teacher through call or message.

AIOU Assignment Marks 2024 BA

If you are in BA, you may worry about your spring assignment marks in 2024. Don’t worry; you can even receive your marks before the final result to. How so? Let’s discuss this. As you are a BA student, you submitted your assignment through post office or by hand; therefore you haven’t get the result on any online portal before the final result, but the solution of this problem is to call or message your subject teacher and conform your assignment marks from there.

AIOU Assignments of Autumn 2024 Submission Dates

Allama Iqbal Open University has issued the last dates of autumn assignments of Matric, FSC and I.Com. These issued dates are mentioned below in the tables.

Last Dates of Assignment Submission of 6 Credit Courses.

AssignmentLast Date
1ST Assignment01-07- 2023
2nd Assignment30-07-2023
3rd Assignment30-07-2023
4th Assignment30-08-2023

Last Dates of Assignment Submission of 3 Credit Courses.

AssignmentLast Date
1st Assignment01-07-2023
2nd Assignment30-08-2023

Make sure to submit all the assignments before the last date. Don’t miss any assignment, because assignments provide you 30% marks in your final result.


How to check AIOU assignment marks? There are two ways through which you can easily check your assignment marks. One is through the official AIOU website, and another is through the LMS portal. Steps through which you can find your assignment marks are mentioned above. Go through it once again if you have any queries.


How much are the passing marks in AIOU assignments?

40% marks are considered passing marks in the AIOU assignment.

AIOU has how many departments?

AIOU has fifteen departments, and these departments offer programs in various areas of different levels like Mass Communication, Information Sciences, Urdu, History, Pakistan Studies, Women’s Studies, and Business Administration etc.

AIOU offers how many programs?

AIOU offers Six Programs, those are:
1.      Higher Secondary School Certificate
2.      B. ED Programs
3.      Bachelor Programs
4.      Master Programs
5.      MPhil/ MS Programs
6.      PhD Programs

How can you check the result and grades of AIOU?

You can easily check your result and grades of AIOU by clicking the link below:

What is conflated marks? How to check AIOU conflated marks?

Conflated marks are the combined result of your assignment marks and the paper marks. Below, we mention the formula; by applying this formula, you can check your AIOU conflated marks.
Conflated Marks formula= (70% of paper marks) + (30% of assignment marks)
For Example:
If someone got 50 marks in paper and 160 marks on the assignment, then the conflated marks will be (50×70/100) + (160×30/200) = 59.

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