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AIOU Tutor Information Search By Roll No 2024 | Tutor Portal

After getting admission to AIOU for the spring/Autumn semester, the student needs information regarding their AIOU tutor so they can take help with the notes or submit the assignments.

But the problem is many students don’t know how to find a tutor according to the subject, and they don’t know the teacher for what subject.

So, Allam Iqbal open university makes it easy for such students and gives them access to AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No portal, where you can easily find your teacher’s information, such as their name, address, and phone number.

In this article, I will explain how you can easily find your teacher or Tutor by using the name or roll number. The method is very simple and easy. All you need to do is use the AIOU online system and get all the required information.

AIOU Tutor

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Tutor Search 2024

When a student’s admission is done to AIOU, they first need to find a Tutor for each subject. The Tutor is responsible for providing your notes on the subject and helping you with the study. Moreover, you need to complete the assignments and submit them to your Tutor. 

Hence, the teacher is important for students’ studies. The teacher will guide you through your studies and will help you learn. Moreover, if you have any problem with the subject, the teacher will be helpful. They will guide you and help you learn all the topics in the subject. Thus, the teachers play a very important role in your success. 

AIOU Tutor Letter online

You can get the open university issue AIOU Tutor Letter online by entering your roll no. This is a confirmation letter that details which will teach you which subject.

This letter is very important because it mentions complete information about the teacher. The letter mentions the teacher’s name, subjects, study center, address, meeting timing, and all other necessary information that a student needs while getting in touch with him.

The student uses this information to get in touch with the teacher and get guidance and updates about the subject. They can ask the teacher to solve their problem in study.

How to Find AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No Spring or Autumn 

The Allama Iqbal open university changes the system of checking tutor information. Now it’s easier than before, and the student will have their portal where they can check tutor information and easily find the tutor details.

Follow the easy steps below and find AIOU tutor information related to your every subject. 

Step 1: Access Tutor Portal

The first step is to access the tutor portal. You can access the tutor web portal by visiting the Student Enrollment tutor information portal.

Step 2: User ID

In the login box, you must enter the User ID, e.g., 18PCR02657. This ID will be your registration number given by AIOU while registering. Make sure to enter all the words in capitals.

Step 3: Enter Password.

In the password field, you need to enter the last two letters of your name and the last four digits of your registration number. 

For example, if your registration number is 05MAB0123 and your name is Muhammad Hussian, then the password will be AN0123. Again, make sure that all the words should be in capitals.

After that, select the English language and click the Sign In button.

Step 4: Academic Records

Now you are login into the main page of enrollment. Here you will see all valuable services such as academic records, profile, course registration, campus person info, degree & transcript tracking, student service request, Exam & Grades, and Mailing Books Tracking.

To get the tutor information, click on “Academic Records,” Here, you will see all the tutors along with course ID, tutor name, contact number, study center, district, tehsil, and address.

Academic Records

AIOU Tutor Information 2024

When you complete the registration at AIOU, the university assigns the teachers to the students so they can get any help regarding the course. Using the AIOU tutor information system, the student will have a teacher’s contact details. The AIOU assigns the Tutor for each student according to course or subject. 

AIOU Tutor Schedule 2024 Autumn And Spring

Tutor ScheduleCheck Online
Tutor DetailsCheck Online

AIOU Tutor Address 2024

Usually, the address is mentioned on the letter you will receive after admission. This letter has the home address, email address, tutor name, and contact number you can use to contact and send him assignments.

But in case you didn’t get the letter or don’t find the address on the letter, then you can simply login into the enrollment portal and get the complete details for Spring and Autumn semesters 2021-2024.

  • Open the official AIOU website and click on the tutor option.
  • Select your region
  • Select a program from the dropdown
  • Click on submit button and get the Tutor’s address.
  • You should be a registered member of AIOU and have a roll no to find the tutor address.

AIOU Tutor Portal

There are two types of tutor portals. The first gives students access to check their Tutor so they can get help and submit the assignments. The second portal is only for teachers who manage the student data, such as checking assignments and giving marks.

If you are a student, you can access the portal by entering the URL into the web browser and find complete details about the teacher.

Similar, if you are a teacher, then you can manage the student data by login into AIOU Aaghi Tutor Portal at 

AIOU Tutor List

The open university also compiles the complete list of teachers according to courses. So if you can use the student portal, you can search for your Tutor by looking at the AIOU tutor list. The list has all the information about each teacher. You must look at the course code and see the teacher’s name and address.

Allama Iqbal Open University Contact Info

Phone No(051) 111-112-468
LocationAllama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000


We explain the easiest and most updated way to find your AIOU tutor and get in touch with him. You can also check the tutor list that will help you to find your subject-related Tutor so you can submit the assignment and get help from him regarding the study. Hope you like this article and enjoy reading it.

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