Best Schools In Karachi With Fees 2024 [Updated]

Karachi, also known as The City Of Lights, is one of the most crowded cities and a trade hub for the people of Pakistan.

Similarly, since there are hundreds of educational institutes from CS universities to schools and colleges, finding the best school among them can be tense and tiring.

But Hey! There’s nothing to worry about. To ease your life I have prepared the list of best schools in Karachi with fees 2024 structure.

8 Best Schools In Karachi With Fees Structure

Here’s the list of the 8 best schools in karachi with their fees structure.

However, remember that different schools have different policies. Because of this, their fee structure may change due to various reasons. It is recommended to contact the school to get the most accurate information.

Karachi Grammar School (KGS):


Karachi Grammar School, often called KGS, is widely recognized for its academic programs and development opportunities. With a history of over 150 years, KGS upholds a tradition of the best education under a budget. 

Moreover, it has a great environment suitable for both boys and girls. Its experienced staff provides a supportive learning environment, ensuring personalized attention for each student. KGS also provides extensive co-curricular activities, including sports, debates, and cultural events, ensuring zero chances of compromises on students’ physical and mental health. 

Fee Structure

Admission Fee18,000 PKR
Monthly Fee (Pre Nursery To Prep II)4,700 PKR
Monthly Fee (Grade 1 To Grade 7)5,000 PKR
Annual Charges (Other)4,000 PKR

The City School

The City School is another prominent educational institution in Karachi. The school’s curriculum focuses on providing a strong foundation in core subjects while encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills which many other schools lack in the modern era. 

Moreover, The City School emphasizes the physical development of students through extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and leadership programs. 

Fee Structure:

The city school offers dozens of courses, so the fee structure can vary on multiple factors. Generally, the fee ranges from 23,000 PKR to 42,000 PKR, depending on the chosen course.

Beaconhouse School System:


Moving onto the list, we have one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable educational networks, known as the Beaconhouse School System. With a strong presence in Karachi, Beaconhouse offers comprehensive course studies that blend academic rigor with a focus on character development. 

Beaconhouse provides many co-curricular activities, enabling students to explore their interests and talents beyond academics. Their language courses allow students to learn multiple languages like German, French, Spanish, and Arabic and develop international communication skills.

Fee Structure 

Admission Fee (Rs)Registration Fee (Rs)Security Fee (RS)
Rs. 20,000Rs. 800Rs. 20,000
Class levelTuition feeOther ChargesMonthly Total
P. Nsy12,75069513,445
Class I12,12069513,815
Class II12,34069513,035
Class III12,35069513,315
Class IV12,40069513,365
Class V12,44069513,405
Class VI12,48069513,445
Class VII12,50069513,465
Class VIII12,51069513,475
Class IX C16,93069517,625
Class  X C17,19069517,885
Class  XI C17,48069518,175

The Lyceum School:

The Lyceum School is a private institution in Karachi mainly known for its establishment in 1987. 

The Lyceum School offers a challenging curriculum by following the academic system from Cambridge Educational System CAIE. 

Furthermore, The school’s staff provides a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages the children to grow in dozens of fields concerning their interests. 

Fee Structure 

The fee structure is not fixed and keeps changing gradually. This is why it is recommended to contact them at their number and get the proper information.

Bay View High School:

Source: ilm.compk

Created in 1994, The Bay View High School has climbed the ladder of Karachi’s top best schools in no time. 

This is because of its “Independent Private Institute Policy,” where children are not forced to choose a single career or subject. Which later, helps them create better opportunities for the children.

Moreover, the school’s emphasis on technology integration and experiential learning prepares is also worth admiring which makes students ready to face challenges of the modern world. 

Fee Structure: 

Bay View FeePre- PrimaryPrimarySecondary
Admission Fee (PKR)200,000200,000200,000
Monthly Fee (PKR)25,00025,00025,000

Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School:

Source: Spotsclick

Founded by Jamshed Mehta in 1918, Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School holds a special place in Karachi’s women’s educational system as it focuses on empowering girls with confidence, knowledge, and leadership skills. 

Moreover, the school’s staff ensures that the girls get the best academic education with zero compromises on their physical or mental health. The school also offers two shifts of classes, mainly in the morning and afternoon, covering four sections ( primary, secondary, Cambridge, and afternoon. 

Finally, just like all the top-tier educational institutes, Mama Parsi also follows the Cambridge education system to provide the best educational services to their students. 

Fee Structure

Generally, there is no fixed fee structure for Mama Parsi Girl’s educational school. Students have to first pass an entry test, and later on, they are provided with different details depending on the subject they choose.

Habib Public School:

Habib Public School was built by Dr. Muhammad Ali Habib as it was nothing less than a dream come true for him, back in 1959. 

Habib Public School has many experienced teachers who create a stimulating learning environment encouraging students to think beyond their limits instead of just book learning. 

The school also provides various extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and community service, promoting well-rounded development. 

Fee Structure:

The fee structure of Habib Public School is as follows:

Admission FeeCambridge FeeCollege Fee 
PKR 30,000I-V: PKR 5,045 (Tuition Fee)PKR 6,555 (First Year)
VI-XI: PKR 5,360 (Tuition Fee)PKR 6,555 (Second Year)

The Karachi American School:


The Karachi American School (KAS) is a prestigious educational institution catering to both Pakistani and expatriate students. KAS follows an American curriculum, offering an elite standard of education that aligns with international benchmarks. 

The school provides a diverse and inclusive environment where students from various cultural backgrounds compete to provide the best results. Their claim to fame is innovative teaching methodologies that help the students become independent thinkers and problem solvers. 

Pakistani families seeking an international-standard education within Karachi will find The Karachi American School to be reputable and enriching.

Fee System:

Annual Tuition Fee 
Grade K3$5,112
Grade K4$10,131
Grade K5 to Grade 5$14,921
Grade 6 – 8$14,941
Grade 1 -1$14,971
Grade 12$15,321
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the best schools in Karachi offer installment plans for fee payments?

A: Yes! Many schools understand parents’ financial constraints and offer installment plans to ease the burden of fee payments. 

However, It is recommended to contact the school’s administration to inquire about their specific installment policies.

Q: Are there additional costs, apart from tuition fees, that I should be aware of?

A: Besides tuition fees, some schools may have additional costs for textbooks, uniforms, and transportation. It is important to consider these factors when assessing the overall cost of education.

Q: Do top schools in Karachi offer any fee concessions for siblings?

Short Answer: Yes and No. 

Long Answer: Mostly, fee concessions are provided to students whose parents or relatives already work in the same institutions. Some schools provide fee concessions or discounts for students and their siblings studying in the same institution. 

Still, It is advisable to check with the school’s administration to determine if they offer such concessions.

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