ETEA Test MCQ's Online Preparation

ETEA Test MCQs Online Preparation with Anwser

ETEA stands for” Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency”. The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established this educational entity in 1998. The purpose of this agency is to take the entire test for medical and engineering fields in the KPK province.

The ETEA entry test is MCQ’s based. It’s too challenging, and competition is excessively high, so you must study hard and smart to perform well.

Some students ask how we practice MCQs online to prepare well for the ETEA test.

Well, there are many websites and Youtube channels that provide MCQs for ETEA preparation.

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Here we provide you with all the websites and Youtube channel details that are so good for your online ETEA MCQ preparation. So without further ado, let’s begin!

ETEA Test MCQ's Online Preparation

ETEA MCQs With Answers

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency ETEA conduct entry tests in the province of KPK. Their papers are MCQs based. Most of the papers are around 100 marks. There is no negative marking on the papers. As the paper is MCQ based, we advised students to practice the MCQs a lot.

ETEA Test MCQs 2022

The 2022 vacancies of different departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are opened on the ETEA official website. Most papers are around 100 marks except for medical and engineering exams. There is no negative marking in ETEA entry tests. It is a fully MCQs-based paper so practice conceptual MCQ during preparation.

ETEA MCQs With Answers Pdf

It’s not a wise decision to download unsolved ETEA MCQs on your computer. After that, you need to spend huge time getting their solution online. That’s why it’s a recommendation to download ETEA MCQs with answers.

ETEA Test MCQs Pdf

Most students prefer online sources for ETEA preparation. As ETEA teaching, medical, and engineering tests are tough, capitation is high, but seats are few. That’s why you put your full potential into every subject. Exams are near, so utilize all online free resources.

ETEA Test MCQs For Assistant

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) opens the job after such a big gap for assistants in police and teaching. Although the post is not that big but competition is very high. Only selected candidates will be a call for an interview. So utilize all the free resources from the internet and don’t waste your precious time. The total mark of the paper is 100, and there will be no negative marking on the paper.

ETEA MCQs Book Pdf Download 2022

Almost all the students of KPK who clear their FSC, BS, or master’s can apply for ETEA once in their life. So that’s why the competition is too high. If you can’t afford all subject MCQs books, then no worries. Online you can find top academic MCQ books in Pdf foam free of cost.

ETEA Test MCQs For Computer Operators

KPK police department announced new jobs of Computer Operator through ETEA. This is the most demanding job in the KPK province. Paper is totally MCQs base. No negative markings on the paper. You can easily get all the preparation material online free of cost.


In this article, we provide all the top websites, Youtube channels, and academies through which you will practice your MCQs and clear your concepts for the ETEA entry test. This all research consumes time, but we are happy because it’s worth for you. Hope so you love all this research. Till then next, take care.


How many MCQs are on the ETEA paper?

In the ETEA paper, you will get 200 MCQ’s and the total marks of the paper are also 200. It means each MCQ contain one mark.

How to prepare for the ETEA test?

Although ETEA papers always are complicated but don’t worry it’s made within your 11th and 12th class syllabus. Focus totally on your college books, and you are good to go.

What is an ETEA medical test?

ETEA medical test is the entrance test through which the students on merit get admission to the medical college.

Which books are best for ETEA?

The only best books for ETEA are your syllabus book. First, thoroughly complete your 1st and 2nd-year course books, then go for any other book.

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