Class 11th Date Sheet 2023 – Punjab Boards

Class 11th Date Sheet 2023 – Punjab Boards

It’s probably the time when all the fingers are crossed, and students are wondering about the date sheet of the board exams for class 11th.

We all know that the date sheet of any class is an important piece of paper that provides an outline in the student’s calendar, helping them manage their study time and perform efficiently in exams.

It is usually announced several months before the exams so that students get sufficient time for their preparation.

As per my sources in BISE Punjab, the 11th class board exams in Punjab are going to start on the 5th of June, 2023. You will find the complete date sheet below in this article.

Class 11th Date Sheet 2023 – Punjab Boards

According to the tentative date sheet, the final exams will be conducted from 5 June 2023. This means that now is probably the best time to ace your exams by creating an applicable personalized timetable. 


05-06-2023MondayEconomics /NEWISociology/NEWI
06-06-2023TuesdayEnglish (comp) (1st Group)IEnglish (comp) (2nd Group)I
07-06-2023WednesdayIslamic Studies (Elective) (1st Group)IIslamic Studies (Elective) (2nd Group)Principles of Accounting NEWI
08-06-2023ThursdayComputer ScienceHome Management (HEG)IHealth & Physical Education (NEW)I
09-06-2023FridayChemistry (1st Group)Fine Arts (NEW)IChemistry (2nd Group)Statistics (NEW)I
10-06-2023SaturdayCivics (NEW)IPhilosphyBusiness Mathematics NEWI
12-06-2023MondayPhysics (1st Group)Education (1st Group)IPhysics (2nd Group)Education (2nd Group)Principles of EconomicsI
13-06-2023TuesdayPunjab (1st Group)ArabicIPunjab (2nd Group)Persian, Urdu AdvancedPrinciples of CommerceI
14-06-2023WednesdayPsychologyClothing & Textiles (HEG)IOutlines of Home Economics NEWI
16-06-2023ThursdayMathematics (1st Group)Biology (1st Group) NEWIMathematics (2nd Group)Biology (2nd Group) NEWI
16-06-2023FridayHistory (All Options)IGeography (NEW)I
17-06-2023SaturdayIslamic Education (Comp) (1st Group)ITaruma-Tul-Quran (2nd Group)Ethics/Civics
For Non-Muslim
19-06-2023MondayUrdu (Comp) (1st Group)IUrdu (Comp) (2nd Group)Pakistani CultureI
20-06-2023TuesdayTarjuma-Tul-Quran (1st Group)ITaruma-Tul-Quran (2nd Group)Ethics/Civics
For Non Muslim

Benefits Of Early Exam Preparation

Though it may not be the best early time for exam preparation, it’s still not late to do so. 

Preparing for your exams can bring tons of benefits. Here is a short list to help you feel motivated.

  1. Better Time Management 

When you prepare for your class 11th exams beforehand, you have a clear idea of the time required for each subject, topic, and chapter. This helps you manage your time better and avoid last-minute running.

  1. Reduced Stress

Stress always comes running to us when we are most concerned about covering the syllabus in a short time.

However, when you prepare for the exams beforehand; this reduces the stress associated with the exam and helps you perform better.

  1. Improved Performance

Preparing for exams beforehand also helps you improve your performance in the exams as you have more time to study and revise the syllabus. 

This will lead to better grades and overall academic performance.

  1. Better Understanding Of Concepts

Most science subjects require a superb grip on the concepts, and that’s where early preparation comes in.

It is recommended to check our relevant list of HSSC notes and revise all of your class concepts. This will make it easier for you to apply the knowledge gained to solve problems and answer questions in the exams.

  1. More Practice

We have all heard from our teachers;

“Subjects like Mathematics can only be mastered through extreme practice.”

When you prepare for exams beforehand, you have more time to practice solving problems and answering questions. This will help you develop a better understanding of different questions and score good grades.

  1. Better Retention Of Information: 

Preparing for exams beforehand gives you more time to revise the syllabus and consolidate the information learned in the classroom. 

Which, as a result, makes it easier for you to retain the information and recall it during the exam.

  1. Reduced Exam Anxiety

Anxiety and nervousness always turn out to be major problem when you are preparing the syllabus at the final hour. 

However, advanced preparation can always help you remain calm and focused during the exam, leading to better performance.

  1. Time For Revision: 

Preparing for exams beforehand gives you enough time for revision. 

And since Revision is important for consolidating the knowledge gained, it is better to get the idea from this date sheet and start grinding.

Ways To Prepare For The 11th Class Exams:

Making a proper plan with at least the announced tentative date sheet can help you feel relaxed and achieve those dream grades.

Here are the quick 4 points that will help you bring better results.

  1. Create a study plan by reviewing your exam schedule. Try to finish the easy subjects before and then move on to the tougher ones. This strategy helps students clear their minds of any extra burden.
  2. Best manage your time, and stay away from distractions. It is better to place your electronic devices far away in silent mode so they won’t disturb you.
  3. Identify the subject where you need more improvement, and concentrate more on that subject.
  4. Proper planning will help you perform well in the exam without any stress and anxiety.
  5. Include breaks in your schedule. Most students just stress out themselves in search of good grades. However, a decent 15-20 minute break every 2-3 hours will help you focus better and learn quicker.

Roll Number Slips And Exam Centers:

After receiving the date sheet, collect the roll number slips from your college and ensure all of the data is properly mentioned.

It contains information regarding your exam, like exam date, exam center, and appropriate exam timing. If there is any error in this information, you may be led to unexpected situations.

Finally, It’s important to carry the roll number slip in the exam center; otherwise, you will not be allowed to sit inside the exam hall.


The date sheets are always an alarming situation as it’s the final moment for preparation before appearing for the 11th boards.

11th Board exams are expected to start on the 5th of June, 2023.

Students can productively spend their spare time creating study plans according to the date sheet. This will reduce the stress, anxiety, and last-minute cramming and ensure they have sufficient time to revise the whole subject.

Well-planned schedules help students determine their weak areas where they need additional support.  

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